Rotten Tomatoes New Releases DVD

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There are a couple of rotten tomatoes new releases of DVD movies for every movie addict to enjoy. Some of them are even blockbuster movies. These new releases are including Trance, The Host, Vehicle 19, The Place beyond the Pines, 42, Welcome to The Punch, and much more. The DVD is guaranteed to have a very high quality to make sure the full enjoyment of every movie addict watching the movie at home. For those who have no idea on which one to buy, there would be review of some of those movies included in new releases rotten tomatoes on this article.

The Host is among a couple of others included in rotten tomatoes new releases. This movie is a romantic drama with a bit touch of mystery and suspense on it. The story is created by Stephanie Meyer, the creator of the famous Twilight Saga story. The story tells of an enemy that is unseen by human come to the world where human live and take over human bodies in order to erase all of their memories. The struggle of Melanie Stryder to protect every person she really cares about is the whole movie all about. Those who are fans of Twilight Saga should try to watch this one too.

Those who love thrilling movies should try to get Evil Dead among the new rotten tomatoes releases. This movie is the remake of the 1981 version of Evil Dead. There would be a couple of teenagers on a trip that are trapped in a cabin in the middle of the woods. One of them found the Book of Death and accidentally summons the evil spirit of the woods. One by one would be killed by that spirit in possession of one of them. This would be one thrilling movie among the rotten tomatoes new releases.

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