Monsters University Movie Review

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Monsters University is another comedy 3D film produced by Pixar Animation Studios. It is the prequel of Monsters, Inc. that has released in 2001. When the Monsters, Inc. tells about Monsters named Mike Wazowski and James Sullivan whose lives were interrupted by the coming of a little girl, Monsters University tells about their early life. This film is released on June 2 at BFI, London and on June 21 in the United States. It is directed by Dan Scanlon and the story is written by Robertl L. Baird and Dan Scanlon. Monsters University Pixar is starred by Billy Crystal as Mike Wazowski, John Goodman as James P. Sullivan, Steve Buscemi as Randall Boggs, and Bob Peterson as Roz. 

The story is begun with the appearance of little Mike Wazowski, a six years old monster who visits Monsters Inc. on their school field trip. Mike Wazowski is an unpopular monster among his friends. During his visit, he was impressed by the performance of a monster named Frank McCay. Mike Wazowski followed Frank into human’s world stealthily and watched how Frank scares the child. From this experience, Mike promised to himself that he would enter Monsters University and became a great monster as Frank was. 

Some years later, he joined the meant university. He met many monsters, such as Randal as his roommate and James Sullivan who was very annoying. At last, Mike and James became friend worked in Monsters Inc. This 3D animated film is successful since it earns approximately $532,898,000. It is a great number to make this film included into seventh highest grossing film in 2013. Pixar also makes official Monsters University website. There are some positive critics addressed to this film. It is funny and entertaining. Monsters University is really good film to watch with your whole family.

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