New Kanye West Sneakers

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Kanye West is a good musician with a good taste on fashion and sneakers, therefore new Kanye West sneakers are always a trend. Kanye West is not just a very famous of his music but also famous of his style. Especially when talking about sneakers, he is one of the best in choosing and wearing sneakers. He is always wearing different sets of sneakers on his music show, in public, or in video clips. Kanye West even becomes the first of non athlete who get his own signature shoe from Nike which called the Air Yeezy. Thus his fans have always been waiting to see new Kanye West sneakers to wear. This article would reveal some of the new Kanye West sneakers.

The latest of sneakers that Kanye West is wearing would be the Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse. Although this is not his signature shoe, yet this one is still very much stylish and precious. Maybe he wants to look much more pedestrian so that he wears the Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse with blood colored from the Independence Pack version. Another one of the Kanye West new sneakers would be the Nile Air Yeezy 2 Red October. He has been seen wearing this sneaker a couple of times, yet this version of sneakers has not been released yet at that time. This version seems to be under revision before really hitting the market. Nevertheless, this red version of Kanye West signature shoe has been seen on his foot for a couple of times. Those are the two new of Kanye West sneakers that should be very much trending once they hit the streets. What else could be more priceless for a fan of Kanye West than wearing the new Kanye West sneakers designed by Kanye West himself?

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