Amanda Bynes Drake Media Drama

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It is an attractive topic to discuss Amanda Bynes Drake, isn’t it? The sensation given by Amanda Bynes and Drake perhaps will never last. Amanda Bynes seems to be thirsty of publicity and media. She is really known to make controversial updates on her twitter. For you who always stay update with her twitter, you must know what actually happened to them. It is actually confusing. We do not really know about what she actually feels to Drake. One time she updated that she likes Drake, but the other time she wrote that she would never talk about Drake. It is like an absolutely drama in social media.

The most popular about Amanda Bynes Drake news is that Amanda put Drake in her ugly lists. She stated that Drake is ugly for many times in twitter. Well, there is no exact reason why Amanda Bynes treated Drake that way. Amanda accused that Drake is stalking her. She feels uncomfortable with this. On Amanda Bynes twitter, she also mentioned that Drake has ugly downward facing eyes. The drama of Amanda Bynes Drake becomes more sensational when Amanda makes an update that she comes for Drake. 

This is like a 180 degree statement compared to her updates before. She wrote that Drake was the most gorgeous man of earth. She also stated that Drake reciprocated her feelings, and that they have mutual crushes. Following Amanda Bynes and Drake story is a little bit confusing. Perhaps Amanda did such weird thing to increase her popularity, or she did it because she did not know her exact feeling to Drake. No matter what it is, updating all your thought to social media is not a wise thing, moreover, if you are a public figure. Are you still interested in following Amanda Bynes Drake story?

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