Xbox vs ps4 as the Greatest Gaming Console

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The rivalry between Sony and Microsoft is heating up once more with the duel of Xbox vs ps4. Those two next gen consoles are released almost at the same time this year. As happened previously with the older consoles released by Sony and Microsoft, there would be a duel between those two new next gen consoles. Long time ago the Sony Playstation has always been rivaled by the Xbox until the time of Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. This season holiday tie would be the time of the newest duel between Microsoft and Sony as the lineup is ps4 vs Xbox.

Basically both consoles are having quite similar aspects in the system. Thus those two consoles will clearly surpass the previously known Nintendo Wii. The Nintendo seem to be not interested in joining the fight between Sony and Microsoft to get the title of the best gaming console ever. Moreover, let's see a couple of things about Xbox vs ps4. The design of the two consoles is very similar using the box looking design. The ps4 has a slimmer size than the Xbox. Although the look of these consoles is not really next gen, with the box like design, the next gen aspect would be at the inside of the design.

The Xbox ps4 vs duel is having a tie on the processor aspects. Both of them are using the powerful AMD octa-core CPU. The use of AMD is completely new to these consoles. The IBM is previously used by Microsoft for their older consoles while Sony uses Toshiba and IBM to make their own CPU for their previous consoles. The ps4 win on the price because it is cheaper with only $458 in the US (including ps4 Eye) while the Xbox costs $499 in the US (plus Kinect). Nevertheless, the battle of Xbox vs ps4 would remain till the end of this year.

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