Kim Kardashian Baby: The Secret Baby

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Kim Kardashian baby seems to be a public sensation at her early age. Kim Kardashian has become a very sensational topic since she walks out with Kanye West. She also attracts public attention with her pregnancy. There is no clear information about who is Kim Kardashian’s baby daddy. Some people claim that they are the natural daddy of Kim’s baby. But, we never know. Kim Kardashian baby, North West, was born on June 15. She brings happiness and new spirit to both Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. They really enjoy their time together. After giving birth, Kim Kardashian seems to hide from public.

Perhaps she wants to lose her baby weight and come back to camera with her sexy body once more. Being a new mom makes Kim Kardashian becomes mysterious. She keeps out of sight and enjoys her time with her new family. Kim also hides her new born baby. Paparazzi are never allowed to get Kim Kardashian baby picture. She always keeps her baby in a blanket so that nobody will see her. There is no idea why she hides her daughter that way.

Public is wait for the appearance of North West, Kim Kardashian baby, to show on television. Even though Kim has begun her debut on a lifestyle show, she does not take the baby with her. Public is looking forward to see North West for the first time. But, based on those who have ever met North West, they said that Kim’s baby is adorable. She is just like Kim and Kanye. Three of them are such a happy family. Kim Kardashian looks glowing and enjoying her motherhood. Kanye West is a great man who loves his family very much. Overall, Kim Kardashian baby has brought a new life for her mom and her dad.

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