Who is the true Kim Kardashian Baby Daddy?

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Kim Kardashian baby daddy becomes a very interesting topic to be discussed as Kim’s baby was born on June 15. We know that Kim Kardashian pregnancy attracted public attention several times ago. Public thinks that the daddy of Kim Kardashian baby is none other than Kanye West. But, the other facts emerge to the public. Many people think that North West, Kim’s baby, is not a daughter of Kanye West. There is Kerry Rhodes, an NFL veteran who states that he is the natural father of Kim Kardashian’s baby. Rhodes was known to send a message to his friend stating that he is Kim Kardashian baby daddy.

He declared that he walked out with Kim Kardashian at the same time Kanye West did. Therefore, the baby could be his daughter. However, some opinion emerges to respond Kerry Rhodes’s statement. Some people argue that this issue is made to prove that Kerry Rhode is not a gay. Rhodes was reported to have a gay lover. Therefore, there are some people who think that Rhodes claim Kim’s baby as his daughter to refuse the news that he is a gay.

Another statement about North’s father also brings sensation the public. Based on California law, Kim Kardashian baby has a legal father, Kris Humphries. How could it be that way? Well, Kris Humphries is still Kim Kardashian’s legal husband. Therefore, the baby born by Kim Kardashian is presumed as Kris’s legal daughter. Actually, if knowing the father of Kim Kardashian baby is totally important, there is a practical way to be taken. They can submit a DNA test to know who the natural daddy of Kim’s baby is. Apart from the baby’s daddy, perhaps Kim Kardashian has chosen Kanye West to spend life with. Therefore, Kanye West can be Kim Kardashian baby daddy forever.

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