Paula Deen Recipes in Life

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Making scandal seems to be Paula Deen recipes to end her entire career in her cooking show. Recently, Paula Deen is accused in making racial jokes using “N word”. However, Paula Deen denied that she made a racial joke. She confessed, by her lawyer, that she said the “N word”, but she refused that it was a racial joke. She stated that perhaps she used the racial slur when she was talking to her husband about bank robbery done by black man. This scandal really affects to place where Deen works. Food Network, that airs three programs featuring Deen, stated that they would monitor the situation. It does not tolerate any discrimination form.

Paula Deen, born on January 1974, is an American multitalented artist. She is a celebrity chef, restaurateur, actress, and also cooking show host. Paula Deen lives in Savannah, Georgia where she owns and runs a restaurant with her sons, Jamie and Bobby Deen. The restaurant named The Lady & Sons is the source of her scandal. It was Lisa Jackson, a former employee in the restaurant, stated that Deen had made a racial discrimination toward her because her nieces are bi-racial. Deen’s scandal in making racial jokes made her lost her job in Food Network.

It announced that the contract with Paula Deen would not be renewed when it expired a week after Paula made her public apology. The scandal also caused the cancellation of Deen’s book publicity. To respond this cancellation, Deen’s literary agent stated that there will be another publisher that will release her book. Paula Deen also writes magazine, which contains of Paula Deen recipes magazine. Making scandal unintentionally seems to be Paula Deen recipes to color her life. Nevertheless, she needs to make her own “Paula Deen recipes” to take her career back.

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