Superman Costume Man of Steel: Stealing Your Sight

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What did you think when you saw Superman costume Man of Steel for the first time? Does it astonish, amazing, awesome or other? Superman Man of Steel appears with the different design of costume. This costume changing is really surprising since Superman never changed his costume significantly since he appeared for the first time. Nevertheless, this brand new costume of Superman is able to grab public’s attention. Everyone agrees that the recent Superman Man of Steel costume design is identical to Kryptonian armor suits. Yes, because the designer meant so. 

It is Michael Wilkinson who takes part in designing Superman costume Man of Steel. It was an important duty for him, since Superman is worldwide superhero and everybody knows it. There are many people who look forward for the release of Man of Steel. Therefore, it is important to satisfy the audiences by giving a surprise in costume changing. Before designing the costume, Wilkinson and his team explore the history of Superman. This is aimed at knowing the best costume that reflects Superman’s past yet relevant to today. Finally, Wilkinson decided to design Superman’s costume as Kryptonian suits.

The Kryptonian suits are kinds of alien form of chain which have protective layer and heavy robes. This Kryptonian suits has left classic Superman costume behind. Designing a new costume of Superman Man of Steel does not mean leaving the old costume completely. There are some parts of the costume that are identical to the classic one. Wilkinson does not change the blue and red characteristics. It is done intentionally because they do not want to change Superman totally. They want people still recognize Superman because he looks like Superman, not other super hero. Superman costume Man of Steel is aimed at renewing the design, not changing the characteristics of Superman himself.

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